Booth Assembly

When the whole structure is ready, it is time for assembly and decor; the moment to customize the event according to the client planning.
GL events Live has an extensive furniture catalog, with capacity to design and manufacture customized items in woodwork. Further, the company provides booths and visual communication of projects to brand, product and service loyalty, ensuring the success of your event.


GL events Live offers creativity and wide experience to any booth project. The company understands that the venue's visual selection has the power to attract eyes and awaken the curiosity and interest of visitors. It is called the power of impact in first impression.
Either in exhibitions, trade shows or congresses, differentiated booths are able to create an immediate identity, even before a demonstrator or salesperson might speak about the product or brand. And GL events Live offers specific solutions so that it is done on any surface area. The support in preparing the project is customized and classified, from the conception to its delivery.
Services may include audiovisual equipment, furniture and decoration, hostesses and catering that even more promotes the space.

Modular Systems

Modular systems are used for booth assembly and they structure them in columns, walls and roof. Ideal for projects which need speed, they are prepared in aluminum and closed in white TS plates or materials such as glass, acrylic, wood and adhesive plates with colors and/or images. They offer a number of possibilities for booth assembly, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Reusable, modular systems are available in several sizes, shapes and easily adaptable to straight, curve, large or tight surfaces.


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